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The philatelic aspects of zeppelin mail transportation is one thing while historical or technical features of the airships are a world of their own.

This link collection gives an overview of non-philatelic zeppelin and airship websites.



General zeppelin websites

Airships: A Zeppelin History Site - Jens Schenkenberger's website about airships

Harry Redner's website about airships

The British and US airships

Russian airship blog



Pioneer and military airships

Alberto Santos-Dumont airships

Leonardo Torres Quevedo and his airships

Farnborough (UK) Airships

ILA Frankfurt 1909

LZ-5/ZII strands at Weilburg

Information about LZ-18/L-2

L-14/LZ-46, zeppelin raid at East Dereham 9/8/1915

Zeppelin raids on the Hartlepools

1915 zeppelin raid at Norfolk

The 1916 German zeppelin offensive

L31 brought down over Potters Bar

High altitude warships

LZ-87, Fahrtbericht 12. März 1917

L-59 raid on Naples (Italy)

L-59 and Lettow-Vorbeck, 1917

Aspekte zur Afrika-Fahrt L-59/LZ-104

Airship pilot Yves Angot SS48 SSZ 21/22

Zeppelin´s airship and German patriotism


Past WWI airships

LZ-114 airship Dixmunde

Story of Pulham and its airships R33 - R36

LZ-127 Round-the-World Flight 1929

R-100 at Canada 1930

George MacDonald and the R-100

LZ-127 Polar Flight 1931

LZ-129 Hindenburg fotos

Following the Hindenburg

Passenger list of LZ-129 Hindenburg crash flight

Faces of the LZ-129 Hindenburg crash

The Hindenburg cameras

Blimp Squadron 14

Airship of China

Zeppelin NT in Japan, NAC - Nippon Airship Corporation

Zeppelin NT in America - Airshipventures



Zeppelins and airships over....

Bern - LZ-127 over Bern 10/12/1930

Bickendorf - Airship shed Cologne Bickendorf

Bielefeld - LZ-127 over Bielefeld 8/30/1930

Boeblingen - LZ-127 over Böblingen

Boeblingen - LZ-127 over Böblingen 1929 & 1931

Caire - LZ-127 over Caire 04/11/1931,pageIndex=2.html

Cologne - LZ-5 over Cologne 08/05/1909

Cologne - LZ-127 over Cologne 1928-1937

Cologne - LZ-129 over Cologne 03/29/1936

Cologne - LZ-129 over Cologne 05/03/1937

Denmark - Denmark and the Zeppelins

Erfurt - LZ-127 over Erfurt

Friedrichshafen - LZ-130 over Friedrichshafen (colour footage)

Geneva - LZ-127 Swiss flight to Geneva 1930

Halle - Zeppelins over Halle/Saale

Hildensheim - Zeppelins over Hildesheim

Japan - The Zeppelin NT in Japan

Nevsky Prospect - The Norge dirigible over Nevsky Prospect

Petrozavodsk - Dirigibles over Petrozavodsk

Rome - LZ-127 Italy Flight 1933 (1st movie)

Rome - LZ-127 Italy Flight 1933 (2nd movie)

Tiefenort - L-55 emergency landing at Tiefenort 1917



Museums, shops and societies

Zeppelin Shop am See

Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen

Spitsbergen Airship Museum

Zeppelin Museum Zeppelinheim

Naval Airship Association

Navy Lakehurst Historical Society

Zeppelin NT, Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei



Other zeppelin sites

Paper models of Zeppelins and hangars

Airshipworld, the latest on LTA