Traditional and emerging - the zeppelin mail club in the USA.



the zeppelin collectors club
General information

In early 2012, the board of the American Airmail Society has decided to liqudate the ZEPPELIN COLLECTORS CLUB and also to discontinue the Zeppelin Collector publication!

THE ZEPPELIN COLLECTORS CLUB was a study unit of the American Airmail Society AAMS and was affiliate #135 of the American Philatelic Society (APS) .



the zeppelin collectors club

The Zeppelin Collector was the quartely publication of THE ZEPPELIN COLLECTORS CLUB, it was published in the Jack Knight Air Log , publication language was English.

Cheryl Ganz was editing the January and July issues, Jim Hill was editing the April and October issues of The Zeppelin Collector.

An index to all issues of The Zeppelin Collector can be found at the articles section here .


the zeppelin collectors club

Selected articles from THE ZEPPELIN COLLECTOR are available as WEB-ARTICLES. These articles are published in the printed edition of the THE ZEPPELIN COLLECTOR and also online on

Follow this link for a list of web-articles from past issues .



the zeppelin collectors club

To contact the past editors of the Zeppelin Collector of the former ZEPPELIN COLLECTORS CLUB:

Chery Ganz can be reached by e-mail: .

Jim Hill can be reached by e-mail: .