These societies might be of interest for zeppelin mail collectors.



Zeppelin mail collectors clubs

There are not many zeppelin mail collectors clubs around, this is an overview over the few active societies:

The Zeppelin Collectors Club
THE ZEPPELIN COLLECTORS CLUB is a study unit of the American Airmail Society AAMS and affiliate #135 of the American Philatelic Society (APS).

Zeppelin Study Group
The largest international zeppelin study group, founded by John Duggan in 1987. You are currently on our website



Other societies with frequent zeppelin mail activities

These societies do not specialize in zeppelin mail, but they have frequent zeppelin mail activities:

German Philatelic Society GPS
Since Jim Graue took over editorship of the GPS publication, this society became quite heavy on zeppelin mail and catapult mail.

British Air Mail Society
Their journal 'Air Mail News' has frequently articles on zeppelins

American Airmail Society AAMS
Bob Wilcsek publishes there frequently zeppelin mail columns



Other philatelic societies

It is not all about zeppelin mail: There are many other philatelic societies with a close relationship to the ZEPPELIN STUDY GROUP:

Germany and Colonies Philatelic Society
The center of German philately in the UK

Hong Kong Study Circle
The source of philately and postal history of Hong Kong