MEETINGS - August 8, 2009 at APS Stamp Show at Pittsburgh, PA

Zeppelin mail and airship memorabilia collectors will meet at APS Stampshow at Pittsburgh, PA on Saturday, August 8, 2009.

This 1 hour meeting is a joint meeting of the ZEPPELIN COLLECTORS CLUB and the ZEPPELIN STUDY GROUP . Present at the meeting will be group leader Cheryl Ganz (ZEPPELIN COLLECTORS CLUB) and Dieter Leder (ZEPPELIN STUDY GROUP) and both are willing to answer your aerophilatelic questions.

The new SUMMER09 issue of the ZEPPELIN POST JOURNAL (vol. 3 No. 3) will be presented at the meeting.

In addition zeppelin mail expertiser and editor of the ZEPPELIN POST JOURNAL Dieter Leder will give a program on recently discovered new zeppelin mail forgeries and how to identify them. A special issue of the ZEPPELIN POST JOURNAL (Vol 3, No. 2) covering the forgeries story will also be presented at the meeting.

ZEPPELIN POST JOURNAL - special issue FORGERIES (left) .
ZEPPELIN POST JOURNAL - Summer09 (right) .

Date: Saturday, August 8, 2009
Time: 3 p.m.
Duration: 1 hour
Location: APS Stampshow, meeting room 336  
The meeting is open to the public, guests are welcome. Registration is not required.