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In addition to the traditional way of exhibiting collections at philatelic shows, more and more collectors present their collections online in the world wide web.

This link collection gives an overview of the online zeppelin mail and airship memorabilia collections.



General zeppelin mail collections

National Postal Museum (Smithsonian)
The zeppelin mail collection of the US-National Postal Museum (Smithsonian).

General zeppelin mail and stamps
From A to Z: The philatelic website of Bill Senkus with the letter Z dedicated to zeppelin mail.

Zeppelin mail - a thematic collection
The Song Xu-Lung, Beijing collection.

Zeppelin mail on facebook
The John Brennan album: Worldwide Zeppelin Flight Covers...!/album.php?aid=32575&id=100001181450852

Interview with Cheryl Ganz on zeppelin mail
Cheryl Ganz talks about her hobby, zeppelin mail and her work as curator.



Zeppelin mail collections by topic

Airmail at Rhine and Main 1912
A dedicated website for the airmail at Rhine and Main 1912.

Airmail at Rhine and Main 1912
Stamps and covers from 1912: A marvelous exhibition collection online.

Airmail at Rhine and Main 1912
Torsten Hornungs essay about the 1912 airmails.

Collection of Harold G. Dick
The golden age of passenger airships: The stunning collection of Harold G. Dick.

On-board mail dispatched by visitors of the zeppelins
Siegfried Scheike discovered this mail and put his collection online.

Hungary 1933 Scout/Jamboree zeppelin mail
The zeppelin mail from the 1933 Scout/Jamboree at Gödöllö in Hungary.

Come take a ride on the Hindenburg
Hindenburg fact sheet, presentation by Cheryl Ganz at RPSL, April 2010.

NT Zeppelin mail, Kinderdorf zeppelin mail
Zeppelin mail of the latest NT airships, organized and dispatched by Pestalozzi Kinderdorf.

Zeppelin-cinderellas and poster stamps
Bill Senkus's collection of poster stamps and cinderellas.



Zeppelin mail collections by flight

LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin Pan America Flight 1930, Brazilian mail
Arthur Knoth is presenting his research on Brazilian zeppelin mail flown on the 1930 Pan-America Flight.

LZ-129 Hindenburg Crash mail 1937
A special study on Dutch crash mail from the 1937 Hindenburg crash, franked with the Dutch Scout stamps.



Zeppelin mail collections by country

Belgian Congo zeppelin mail
A special study on zeppelin mail from Belgium Congo.

Bolivia airmail and zeppelin mail
A Bolivia airmail collection with lots of Bolivian zeppelin mail.

Chile: The Airmails (1927-1937)
A Chilean airmail collection with lots of Chile zeppelin mail.

Czechoslovakia airmail and zeppelin mail
A Czech airmail collection with lots of zeppelin mail from Czechoslovakia.

Danzig zeppelin mail
The website of philatelic Danzig expert Ronald "Ronny" van Waardhuizen.

Denmark and the zeppelins
The postal museum at Copenhagen has special interest in the zeppelin flights to Denmark.

Iran zeppelin mail
The most comprehensive collection of zeppelin mail from Iran.

Swiss zeppelin mail
Background information on Swiss flights and Swiss zeppelin mail.

Swiss zeppelin mail 1929
A website about the Swiss flights of 1929.

Zeppelin mail dispatched from Vatican City
The Fr. Edward J. Mullowney collection of zeppelin mail from the Vatican.



Airship memorabilia collcetions

Schwabacher needle factory Reingruber, needletins
Zeppelins on needletins pruduced by Reingruber.

Airship pins
A most comprehensive collection of airship pins.

The Aero Conservancy
A collection of aviation memorabilia, includs airship memorabilia



Other websites of interest

Trans Atlantic mail by air 1928-1940, DLH Lufthansa, Air France, LATI

Postal History: Aerophilately Resources

Rainbow Stamp News

Aero-Philately Blog

Martina Fischer, paintings