Grand Duchess Eleanore´s Postkartenwoche, The Rhein/Main Airmails

Basic information on the 1912 Rhein-Main airmails as well as detailed descriptions and analysis of the flown mail. Easy to read for beginners as well as experts.

Issuing date: 2009
125 pages
Language: English

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Grand Duchesss Eleanore´s Postkartenwoche, The Rhein/Main Airmails
About this book

Finding information on 1912 Rhein-Main airmails is tough: The Michel Zeppelinpost catalogue almost completely omits them while the page-long tabular scientific overkill in the Sieger Zeppelinpost Catalogue flattens every tiny interest in this subject.

Rhein-Main scholar Terry Pizzala´s new book "Grand Duchesss Eleanore´s Postkartenwoche, The Rhein/Main Airmails" is a first step to infuse this area with more attraction and interest. 125 colorful pages make up 27 chapters starting with necessary basic information. E.g. on the circumstances of the time, the involved cities and of course the charity and the royals.

The social history follows the postal history with chapters on the stamps, the rates, routes and markings. All kind of flown official, private and fore-runner postcards are described and illustrated in color. Additional photos, maps and newspaper clippings make the whole story easy to follow and understandable.

Although Pizzala claims that his only original contribution to this compendium is the translation, the readers quickly get that he is playing things down. He is a scholar in 1912 Rhein-Main and has contributed way more, he is even breaking with some information provided decades ago by Aisslinger and Hagedorn. What the general collectors read with interest as basic information turns out to be new points of view for the experts of 1912 Rhein-Main airmails.

The book lacks any pricing information for the Rhein-Main material and leaves it up to the buyers what they are willing to pay. Still, Pizzala descriptions contain rating information of the material and the attentive readers quickly get a good idea of what is scarce, very rare and virtually unobtainable.

Issuing date: 2009
125 pages
Language: English
Price: £14.50 +s/h

Order directly at the editor: Terry Pizzala, 28 Kenilworth Crescent, Enfield, Middx, EN1 3RE, Great Britain or per email Teepeeelsynge(AT)

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