An aerophilatelic study on the LZ-127 "Graf Zeppelin" flight to Palestine (Orient Flight) in 1929. This hardbound book presents brand new information on the flight, crew, passengers and on flown mail.

Issuing date: October 2007
226 pages
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-940702-77-7

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wenn es doch tag gewesen wäre

The book was awarded a Vermeil medal at World Stamp Championchip Israel 2008 in Tel Aviv.

The book was awarded a Vermeil medal at BEIJING 2009 AEROPEX in Beijing, China.

The book was awarded a Large-Silver medal at international London2010 exhibition.




wenn es doch tag gewesen wäre!
About this book

After more then 15 years of intensive research, this new book „Wenn es doch Tag gewesen wäre!“ (transl. „If it would have been daylight!“) unveils a complete new picture of the Orient Flight (Orientfahrt) of airship LZ 127 „Graf Zeppelin“. These new research results on this four days trip to Palestine are now published on 226 pages with 161 color images.

The first of the eight chapters is dealing with the flight itself, giving background information, talking about the extensive preparations and planning and of course the problems, e.g. with not granted overflight permissions and the necessary route changes. The flight is described in detail including all route information and happenings on board. A list of the passengers and crew members on board finishes the first chapter.

The following chapters are dealing with the aerophilatelic and postal historical aspects of this flight: The official and private markings appearing on the Zeppelin mail are being described at first. The substantial chapter of Zeppelin mail dispatches including all treaty and courtesy acceptances and also the on-board dispatches precedes the largest chapter of this book, the almost 80 pages chapter of the mail drops on the Orient Flight. 14 mail drops have been traced and they are all described from the circumstances of the drops up to the dropped mail and how to identify it.

Zeppelin mail of the Orient Flight, which was transported after the Zeppelin flight on another special route, like the first flight of Imperial Airways or Nairn Overland Service, is listed in the „Combination“ chapter. Known forgeries and items in questions are also listed in a separate chapter. And finally, all philatelic items of this flight are being priced.

The intensive research unveiled a lot of new information on the Orient Flight. For example two new mail drops have been surfaced, the one over Haifa and the other one over Al-Ajami near Jaffa. In addition a lot of descriptions, views and information from previous publications on this flight have been proved to be wrong or are now presented in a new context.

The known information about the mail drop over Athens turned out to be nothing more then a fairy story, fact is now that the mail drop indeed took place, but not one piece of the dropped mail has so far surfaced. Or the mail drop over Jerusalem, which was planned but finally not executed since it was already dark when the airship flew over Jerusalem. Instead the mail was already dropped over Tel Aviv. And thanks to Chava Rimon, who found the mail bag in Tel Aviv, the mail bears at least a Jerusalem arrival marking despite the fact that the mail was dropped over Tel Aviv.

The fast coming night was also responsible for other changes and unusual happenings. The title of this book „Wenn es doch Tag gewesen wäre!“ (transl. „If it would have been daylight!“) was quoted from the diary of the passenger Joseph Joos who had hoped to see more of the Holy Land other then the black night of Palestine.

„Wenn es doch Tag gewesen wäre!“
by Dieter Leder

Publication date: October 2007
226 pages, 161 colorful pictures
German language
hardbound, US$ 120/Euro 80
published by topo-Verlag
ISBN 978-3-940702-77-7

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