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Geoff Reynolds reports
Liechtenstein Olympia Flight

At first sight it seems that this Liechtenstein dispatch on the 1936 Olympia Flight to Berlin of airship LZ-129 HINDENBURG is nothing spectacular. The purple-red zeppelin flight cachet is nice and so is the late usage of the red Liechtenstein zeppelin stamp, which was issued earlier that year for the 1st North America Flight. But everything has two sides and the big surprise was waiting on the reverse of this ordinary cover.

The reverse bears a clear strike of the Frankfurt «b» canceller with the rare time «-4» rather than «-3». In John Duggan’s excellent dual language book on the Olympia Flight of LZ-129 HINDENBURG, he writes that «b» and «c» slugs are not known to have been used. Is this then the first Frankfurt «b» canceller which is reported on the Olympia Flight? Maybe other readers would care to check their Olympia Flight mail for similar usage of the «b» or «c» Frankfurt cancellers.



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