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Heinz Petermann reports
Lindemann on board again?


Dieter Leder’s article on Lindemann and the first zeppelin onboard post office provided some very interesting details and background information (see Zeppelin Post Journal, Summer 2012 issue, «100 years ago: The first post office onboard an airship».) The illustrated cards, covers and memorabilia were stunning, I wish I have such material in my collection. Lindemann’s distinctive handwriting though reminded me of a card from my collection.

It turned out that it is not only the same manuscript, the card I had in mind is also signed by Lindemann. The only feature not matching the story is the date of the flight: The Viktoria-Luise onboard postmark is dated July 25, 1912 --- this is eight days after Lindemann’s famous flight on occasion of the opening of the onboard post office.

On board mail written by Lindemann.


It seems that Lindemann was again onboard. According to his text on the card, Lindemann wrote «from the second flight». The flight went again from Frankfurt to Idar, the same route like his first flight.

While we know the occasion of Lindemann’s first zeppelin flight on July 17, 1912, I have no idea why he was flying again a week later. Perhaps our readers have more information and know also the history of this flight. Hopefully it is again the beginning of a fascinating and interesting story.




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