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Wolfgang Porges reports
Zeppelin combination mail


Catapult and zeppelin combinations are very popular among zeppelin and catapult mail collectors. And so are many other zeppelin combinations as well, i.e. zeppelin mail combined with glider mail, first flights, rocket mail or any other mail transportation service.

British dispatch on the 13th South America Flight 1936.


The illustrated cover from England was flown on the 13th South America Flight in 1935 (9th flight of LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin). It is at first sight a plain zeppelin cover, but also a combination cover since six different airlines carried the cover.

The first airline was Midland & Scottish Air Ferries Ltd., they flew the cover from Liverpool to London. Imperial Airways then flew the cover from London to Cologne, Germany and Deutsche Lufthansa took over the cover to fly via Frankfurt to Lisbon, Portugal. Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei continued and the Graf Zeppelin flew the cover from Lisbon to Natal, Brazil. After the mail drop there, Syndicato Condor flew the cover via Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires to Santiago de Chile. And finally Pan American Airways flew the cover from Santiago to Ecuador. A nice combination!




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