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Hugo Wagner reports
Classifying Sieger onboard mail from the Pan-America Flight 1930


Alfred Nuzinger’s article on Sieger-onboard mail from the 1930 Pan America Flight is quite fascinating - I never thought that «ordinary» Sieger mail is subject to extensive research. Lesson learned that research is not limited to the extraordinary mail.

After reading Nuzinger’s article, I cross-checked the information with the covers from my own collection and came across two things: At first I found that I have one and the same cover twice in my collection. This is a Sieger onboard dispatch from May 21, 1930 which was dropped over Praia. Both cards have the same address, postage and postmarks.

Mail drop over Praia, Cape Verde Islands, card #1.


And both cards come with a Sieger certificate. The first card was certified by Hermann Walter Sieger in July 1986, in his opinion this is a Sieger number 57.B, indicating that the card was postmarked at Friedrichshafen. Sieger wrote that «the card was flown from Friedrichshafen to the Cape Verde Islands.»

Sieger certificate from July 1986.


The second card was certified again by Hermann Walter Sieger, slightly one year later. And although both cards are identical by addresses, rates, routes and markings, Sieger comes to a different opinion: In 1987, Sieger is of the opinion that it is a Sieger number 57.a. Sieger wrote that the card «was dispatched at the onboard post office during the flight.»

Mail drop over Praia, Cape Verde Islands, card #2.

Sieger certificate from July 1987.


This is exactly the issue Nuzinger has addressed in his article: Was Sieger’s onboard mail finally serviced and postmarked at Friedrichshafen before the flight or at the onboard post office during the flight? Reading both certificates indicates that even Mr. Sieger does not know the answer.

Basis for his opinion in 1986 and 1987 was the 20th issue of his catalogue, the 21st issue was not due until 1995.  



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